Cover Ups

Cover up tattoos are where a customer has a pre-existing tattoo or scar that they would like transformed into something new and different. Some projects are more difficult than others depending on size, location, and darkness of the original tattoo. The darker the original tattoo (or scar) is, the more difficult it is to disguise. I love a good challenge! Please enjoy my Cover Up tattoo photo gallery for examples of my work and I’ve got even more posted on Westminster Tattoo Company.


Black and Grey

As much as I love doing bright and colorful tattoos, I also enjoy doing black and grey work of a variety of styles, anything from sacred geometry to photo realistic & surrealistic. I do not do 3-D portrait style tattoos unless you request a replica of a specific photo or piece of art (not someone else’s tattoo). Please enjoy these examples of my Black and Grey work.


PinUps & Other Beauties

I love to tattoo images of powerful, sexy women. Get a pinup to represent your wife, your lover, even your mother! Visit my Pin Up Girl portfolio gallery to see some lovely ladies on permanent display.

tattooed man

Masculine Tattoos

Check out my Masculine Tattoos portfolio gallery for cool dudes with tattoos.  My work is saturated with tradition in a bold, vibrant style.  Face it guys, women love tattoos on men…. even the ones who say they don’t.

(yep, they’re lying)



Tattoos of animals, insects, birds, and other creatures can be found in my Beasts portfolio gallery.  I love to tattoo both living creatures and fantasy & mythological beasts in color as well as black and grey.  I’m a cat lover~ I love to do tattoos of cats!  I frequently do memorial tattoos for furry friends that have passed away, if you’ve got a high quality photo, I can probably tattoo a portrait of your pet.



For tattoos of our fine feathered friends, please do visit my Birds portfolio gallery.