All About Me

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I’ve been tattooing for over 20 years.
I apprenticed shortly after I graduated S.U.N.Y Purchase with a BFA in
Sculpture & Design in 1991. Although I reside in Maryland now, I
am originally from New York, and spent the first half of my career
working in a busy street shop in Montclair, New Jersey for Diane Farris
at Powerhouse Tattoo.
The shop was extremely small and
extremely popular~ buzzing with walk-ins all day and night. It was there
that I learned old school ethics and how to be strong and self reliant
in a fast paced cramped environment with no counter-person. Diane was an
apprentice of the famous tattooer, Spider Webb, and because of her, I
was able to meet (and get tattooed by) many of the historical figures
of the NY Tattoo industry such as Mike Perfetto, the Moskowitz brothers, Coney Island Freddie, Tony Polito, Philadelphia Eddie, and the list goes on. Thanks Diane!
Update: Powerhouse Tattoo is now owned by Krooked Ken and Eddie Peralta and is now a 100% old school style traditional tattoo shop!
I spent 11 years working with Vinnie Myers and a rotating crew
at Little Vinnie’s Tattoos including legends such as Dave Waugh and Aaron Cain.
I am currently working by appointment only at Baltimore Street Tattoo in Westminster, Md
I apply a traditional mindset to modern techniques
and thanks to a loyal clientele, I stay very busy with lots of custom
work and ongoing projects. I do my best to ensure that every tattoo is a
unique experience in order to tempt you into coming back for more.
I also sell vintage clothing, design jewelry,  and will take on the occasional illustration commission.  Click below to see photos of my work.