PinUps & Other Beauties

I love to tattoo images of powerful, sexy women. Get a pinup to represent your wife, your lover, even your mother! Visit my Pin Up Girl portfolio gallery to see some lovely ladies on permanent display.


Botanical Tattoos

Floral designs are some of my favorites to render, especially vintage ones.  Organic imagery like plants, trees, and flowers always look fantastic on the human form.  Check out my Botanical Portfolio Gallery to see some of the work I’ve done in this subject matter.  Some of my favorite projects have been vintage botanical sleeves, a vintage vegetable themed sleeve, and an art nouveau hops/beer themed sleeve.


Fancy Feet

Looking for tattoos for your feet? Visit my Fancy Feet portfolio gallery! Whether your feet are big or tiny, we can make them prettier with tattoos!  Keep in mind when planning a foot tattoo: Ideally you want to limit your footwear for approximately 2 weeks~ definitely no boots or tight fitting shoes.  If you have a job where you are on your feet all day, I suggest waiting till you have some vacation time to ensure proper healing.


Girly Tattoos

Check out my Girly Tattoos portfolio gallery for tattoos that are fun, fancy, and feminine!  Whether it’s a sleeve or something dainty and delicate, I make it eye-catching and beautiful!  Ornate, intricate, and colorful is my specialty!



Tattoos of animals, insects, birds, and other creatures can be found in my Beasts portfolio gallery.  I love to tattoo both living creatures and fantasy & mythological beasts in color as well as black and grey.  I’m a cat lover~ I love to do tattoos of cats!  I frequently do memorial tattoos for furry friends that have passed away, if you’ve got a high quality photo, I can probably tattoo a portrait of your pet.



For tattoos of our fine feathered friends, please do visit my Birds portfolio gallery.