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7/27/16~ If you’ve tried to contact me via the contact form on my site and did not get a reply, please try again by emailing me directly as I just realized today that the form was not working properly and I’ve since removed it, thank you for your patience and I apologize if you thought I was ignoring you 🙂

2/22/15~ Hello everyone! Just checking in to remind you that I am rarely able to take walk-ins but I will always try to post on my Facebook page as well as the Baltimore Street Tattoo Facebook page when I am available to take them.  For the most part, I do work appointment only and am usually booked out at least 4 weeks in advance.  In person consultations are recommended but not required.

11/01/14~ Ok, it’s giveaway time!!! Most of you know about the Baltimore Street Tattoo Black Friday Gift Certificate Sale, right? Well, I’m adding a little cherry on top! On Black Friday, the very generous shop owner, Charles Freeland, aka Trey, will add to whatever you spend (in house gift certificate purchases only) by either 100% or 50%. The first 10 people to purchase will be matched 100% and everyone else for the rest of the day will be matched by 50%. The shop will open early that day and from what I’ve heard, people line up as early as 5am for this sale!
In addition, EVERYONE who purchases a gift certificate from the Westminster location on Black Friday 2014 will automatically be entered to win a FREE 45 minute tattoo session with me! You can use the session any way you want: get a small tattoo or add on to something we’ve already started, or give it to a friend! The ONLY stipulation is that if you choose something that will take longer than 45 minutes, the balance can NOT be paid for w/a Black Friday purchased gift certificate, it must be paid for w/cash or credit/debit card and the prize must be redeemed by 6/1/15.
So, start arranging your schedules now! Send a runner if you can’t make it, yourself There is no minimum or maximum purchase required to take advantage of the sale OR my contest. Please share this post w/your friends and good luck!
10/13/14~ The Baltimore Street Tattoo Bi-Annual BOGO Piercing Sale is now going on! It will end 11/5/14 and then it’s only a few more weeks until the Black Friday Gift Certificate Sale! One day ONLY! Come in and buy a gift certificate for yourself or a friend (buy as many as you want!) and we’ll give you a 50% higher value than what you spent!

11/7/13~ Black Friday Gift Certificate sale at BST (Get 50% more than what you spend!) Read about it on my blog or facebook.

7/24/13~Had a blast w/the group at Homeward Tattoo in DE! I’m sure by now most of you have noticed that I have made my schedule pretty flexible, but I am only doing evening appointments on mondays. Check out my facebook page for info about a new contest!

4/11/13~ Changing up my schedule a bit~ I am phasing out Wednesdays in favor of Mondays.  All existing wednesday appts will remain as is.  I will now be available for both walk-ins AND appts on Mondays between the hours of 1pm- 8pm.  I’m also excited to announce that I will be doing a guest spot at Homeward Tattoo in Rehoboth Beach, DE this summer.  I will be there the week of July 8th and will announce set dates/times as we get closer.

3/20/13 I have very limited spaces available for appointments for the Baltimore Tattoo Convention~ I will have time for small walkins, first come/first served.

2/4/13 Ok, peeps, it’s time to start booking for the Baltimore Tattoo Convention! It’s coming up~ April 5-7, 2013.  Who wants something? Use the Contact Me form here on site or email me directly with what you want and your preferred date/time.

1/25/13 Thanks to everyone who came out and got tattooed by me in Austin, see you next year!

Don’t forget, it’s just around the corner! One of the most fun conventions ever~ it’s the Star of Texas tattoo convention in Austin next month!

12/1/12 I am now available ~ appointment only~ at Baltimore Street Tattoo in Westminster, Md on wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays, only.  Special requests for other days may be considered, and sweet talking is suggested when requesting.  To schedule something with me, you can either contact me here or call the shop directly at 410-857-2342 . A non refundable deposit is required which will be deducted from your tattoo cost.  If you are interested in a consultation, please email me or use the contact form here on site.

12/1/12 I am no longer with Little Vinnies Tattoos.  Please see Diary of a Lady Tattoo Artist for more details.


Upcoming Conventions

Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2013 April 5-7
Booking appts NOW <~~Contact me for more info or to schedule.  Deposit required.

Austin “Star of Texas” Tattoo Convention 2013
January 18-20
Booking appts NOW <~~Contact me for more info or to schedule.  Deposit required.


I’ve started a new blog: Diary of a Lady Tattoo Artist !

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